Caregiving Legislation

The National Alliance for Caregiving is a leader in conducting policy analysis and tracking legislation dealing with family caregiving issues – bills that focus on family caregivers or affect the care recipient in a way that would also affect the family caregiver. NAC keeps a listing of federal and state legislation that directly impacts family caregivers of older adults, adults with disabilities and children with special needs. Included here are synopses of bills that seek to provide support for one of the most important healthcare assets in the U.S.: the family caregiver.

Recent Legislative Updates:

Senior woman with mature daughterThe need to support the nation’s 66 million family caregivers and sustain them as the backbone of our chronic and long-term care system is a central issue in the congressional efforts to reform healthcare. Lawmakers need to hear from us now. Your voice and the voice of the caregiving community can make a difference. Below is a paragraph that you can use to send to your members of Congress to let them know that family caregivers are counting on them to finish the job.To locate your representative or senator’s address, visit: or call the Capitol Switchboard, toll-free, at 1-800-828-0498.

Dear Senator or Representative:As family caregivers, we urge you to vote yes when you have the chance to cast your final vote on health reform. Congress needs to enact healthcare reform now, with such important components as: Increasing access to services and supports for home and community based care; Ensuring that all health plans cover all prevention services and immunizations; Creating new transition programs for Medicare beneficiaries to better coordinate care among specialists, doctors, nurses, therapists, to reduce the rate of re-admissions to the hospital; and requiring all insurance plans offer dependent health care coverage for children until age 26, as well as banning all pre-existing condition limitations, and prohibiting insurance companies from placing life-time limits or monetary caps on coverage. We urge you to pass healthcare reform now.

Very truly yours,