Advocacy Task Force

The Advocacy Task Force is a group of 10 Coalition Representatives from 10 states (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia) that are working with the Alliance in four key areas:

  1. What’s going on in states – information sharing
  2. Best Practices and Strategies they have from being a coalition
  3. This is a group that would be a source of technical assistance (advisory role) based on their experience and being leaders of policy
  4. This group would identify priorities for national level information sharing (if there is legislation that is working great at the state level, how can it be moved forward or replicated at the national level)

The Task Force Mission: We see the advocacy task force as a body that would serve as an advisory group for the entire body of coalitions the Alliance works with.

Congressional Supporters

Three of the task force members have developed a list of the key House and Senate Supporters of Caregiving/Long-Term Care & Disability Issues. These key supporters are great contacts to have when you are thinking of doing advocacy in your state.