Nominate a Champion

sucsess starThe purpose of our Caregiving Champions program is to highlight persons of influence who have worked to bring family caregiving to the forefront of the discussion in their cities, states, or the nation. The National Alliance for Caregiving team selects Champions following their nomination based on the following criteria:


Track Record of Elevating Family Caregivers

Representative of Caregivers and Families Across the Lifespan

Public Person of Influence

Willingness to Connect with Advocates and Caregivers

Champion Commitment
As a “Caregiver Champion,” the Alliance would encourage Champions to continue to support family caregivers. What constitutes “support” will be different for each Champion, but in general, the Champion should incorporate family caregivers into their work on healthcare, healthcare reform, disability, aging, and long-term care issues.
For policymakers, this may include introducing or supporting legislation that would: support long-term services and supports for family caregivers; include caregivers in medical records (including electronic records); or protect appropriations for caregiver support programs. Champions may also give public testimony or speeches on family caregivers. Administrative and executive branch policymakers may provide support through state or federal programs on caregiving (such as a regulation to include caregivers in the new models of care delivery).
To nominate a Caregiving Champion, please email our Director of Advocacy, Mike Wittke at