Healthy Families #StickTogether Adult Immunizations Campaign

Healthy Families #StickTogether Adult Immunizations Campaign


Despite ongoing education campaigns, vaccinations for adults remain low and are not on target to meet the Healthy People 2020 targets set by the CDC. To address this need in part, the National Alliance for Caregiving (the “Alliance”) launched a pilot education campaign coinciding with National Family Caregiver Month (November 2016) on the importance of adult vaccinations for shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, and flu prevention.


The Healthy Families #StickTogether program is a grassroots and social media campaign for family caregivers of older adults. Family caregiving coalitions in urban centers like San Diego and New York, and rural areas like Wisconsin and Arkansas, are working to educate family caregivers and their loved ones on the importance of adult immunizations. Caregivers and their family are encouraged to share photos online using #StickTogether.


Working with CVS and Walgreens, four state-based caregiver coalitions, partnered to host in-person event for caregivers encouraging them to learn more about vaccinations and how to stay healthy. The events served over 300 people across the U.S. and were made possible through generous support from Pfizer



Immunizations Resources

Here are some additional resources for you to review at your convenience.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The adult immunizations page includes several fact sheets that can be printed in color or black and white. These fact sheets are available at this link under “Fact Sheets”:


Alliance for Aging Research Video & Resources

The Alliance for Aging Research has a video on the importance of vaccines for older adults that can be shared with your group. It is available at


Generations United – Badge of Honor Campaign

Family caregiving is an intergenerational issue. You may want to use resources from Generations United, a national non-profit that supports families across generations. The “Badge of Honor” program includes infographics, memes, and a discussion kit for families to talk about vaccinations. Find resources at