Grassroots Advocacy

A Glimpse at NAC’s Advocacy Network Across the U.S.

Caregivers & Patients

NAC helps support those who are on the front lines, providing and/or receiving care, with educational materials and innovative tools.


NAC provides platforms to help advocates share valuable insights about the caregiving experience and connect with elected officials and other changemakers.

Coalition Members

NAC offers tools and assistance to help coalitions mobilize stakeholders and connect with local, state and national leaders.

State & Local Leaders

NAC engages with caregiving leaders to develop and advance policies and supports.

National Champions

NAC helps identify champions who are advancing a national caregiving agenda and also connect them with stakeholders or constituents.

National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative

NAC’s work is supported by the National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative, a network of state and national caregiving advocates working together to identify and address complex issues surrounding family caregiving across the lifespan. These interdisciplinary leaders represent the diverse interests of family caregivers across the United States and are leading the way in caregiver advocacy, education, and empowerment.

In addition to sharing best practices and strategies, the Collaborative sets caregiving policy priorities that contribute to a national infrastructure that supports and improves the quality of life for all caregivers.

Developing a Unified Strategy to Support Family Caregivers

In 2019, NAC’s Annual Conference of Caregiver Advocates engaged the need for a formal strategy to address the needs of family caregiving as a public health issue. The conference identified additional actions to advance toward a common strategy to address caregiving across the nation and the lifespan.

Collaborative News & Information Sharing

Grassroots advocates across the nation working to improve the lives of improve the life of family caregivers across the lifespan.

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