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National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative

NAC’s work is supported by the National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative, a network of state and national caregiving advocates working together to identify and address complex issues surrounding family caregiving across the lifespan.

In addition to sharing best practices and strategies, the Advocacy Collaborative helps advance caregiving policy priorities that support and improve the quality of life for all caregivers. Explore the National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative’s Charter and monthly meeting materials to see how these advocates are creating sustainable change.


National Caregiver Advocacy Collaborative Meeting Materials

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Defining the Caregiving Coalition

A caregiving coalition is a community of representatives that has come together to address the needs of family caregivers across the lifespan. These coalitions support family caregivers, both families of origin(s) or families of choice(s), with information and referral services, educational outreach and advocacy. A caregiving coalition presents a united voice working to meet the complex social, medical, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional needs of family caregivers.

NAC offers resources and technical assistance to help state and local communities grow and sustain caregiving coalitions.

Developing a Unified Strategy to Support Family Caregivers

NAC’s 2019 Annual Conference of Caregiver Advocates convened to explore the need for a unified strategy to address family caregiving as a public health issue. NAC builds upon that work by convening advocates to share resources and collaborate on the implementation of key policy recommendations that are aligned with global, national and state priorities impacting family caregivers across the lifespan.

Collaborative News & Information Sharing

Grassroots advocates across the nation are working to improve the lives of family caregivers across the lifespan.

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