Gabriela Prudencio is the Hunt Research Director at the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), where she manages a comprehensive research strategy to support policies and initiatives for unpaid family caregivers across the aging, healthcare, disability, and long-term care sectors.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Gabriela spent over a decade at the forefront of various research initiatives focused on improving the well-being of individuals around the globe. On a national level, at the AARP Foundation and at the Economic Policy Institute, Gabriela worked on numerous research studies that informed programs and policies to improve income, food, housing, and job security for older Americans and the American working class. At AARP, Gabriela led a study on the dietary habits of multi-generational households, which resulted in the commission of a set of national nutrition guidelines for beverage consumption. Internationally, Gabriela has led numerous studies on selected agricultural sub-sectors in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Southern and Eastern Africa. During her time at Mercy Corps, she mapped the nutmeg sub-sector of the Maluku islands of Indonesia and leveraged the findings to design a program to foster improved business relationships between farmers and exporters.

Gabriela became passionate about caregiving when she had the privilege to provide secondary care to her grandparents. This experience greatly enriched her life. Gabriela’s love for caregiving grew even more during her time at AARP, when she interviewed caregivers and learned of the great significance of their work and of the difficult challenges they face.

Gabriela holds an MBA from Georgetown University, an MA in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University, and a BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. Gabriela lives in Maryland with her husband and two boys. In her downtime, she enjoys experimenting with food recipes, traveling, and spending time in nature.