Lauren is NAC’s Research Manager and works with the Hunt Research Director to create the reports and guidebooks that are released yearly to increase public awareness on caregiving issues and to provide support to caregivers through data and recommendations based on this data. She is responsible for conducting the oral histories NAC uses to collect caregiver stories in order to understand on a more personal level the caregiver experience. Lauren has co-authored The Circle of Care Guidebook for Caregivers of Rare and or Serious Illnesses and Caregiving in a Diverse America: Beginning to Understand the Systemic Challenges Facing Family Caregivers. She also assists in the logistics of running report releases and various other NAC events to benefit caregivers, such as the World Carers Conversation.

In addition to supporting NAC’s reports, Lauren is also the liaison for the NAC research collaborative, managing the collaborative’s communication and assisting in the running of their quarterly meetings. She also provides communications support in the form of creating social media toolkits and managing NAC’s social media presence, and she lends her library skills to curating the materials and resources on NAC’s website and on

Lauren has a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, as well as a BA in history and English from the same university. She is originally from the Chicagoland area and true to Illinoisan stereotype is a fan of the Cubs, hockey, snowstorms, and Abraham Lincoln. She enjoys road trips, belt buckles, engaging in various fandoms, and immersing herself in early American history in whatever way possible, including coauthoring a self-published book on the American Revolution.