Sarah Callahan is the Advocacy Fellow at the National Alliance for Caregiving. In her role she is responsible for advocating for national level policy improvements across the aging, healthcare, disability, financial security, and social service sectors. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in public health from the University of South Florida in Tampa, she has worked with the Florida Department of Health, for the local County Commissioner, for the county health department, and served on her undergraduate’s Title IX board and Curriculum Policy Council, and she recently completed her coursework at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for her MSPH in Public Health Policy and Management.

In her career, she’s seen firsthand the impact policy changes have on underrepresented and vulnerable populations. Sarah learned through education and involvement with the community about the barriers people experience to receiving quality healthcare, and the ways in which their well-being and quality of life are hindered due to inadequate support. In her experience advocating for marginalized groups, providing counseling and testing for individuals at risk of HIV, or working alongside government officials, she has witnessed the ability of advocacy and policy to shape and influence the health and well-being of both individuals and their greater communities.

She has a passion for caregiving policy and advocacy because she understands the importance of working to promote health equity. Unpaid caregiving is a public health issue that is not talked about enough and it needs to be on the radar of all healthcare and policy professionals.