The Future of Caregiving

The Future of Caregiving: NAC Innovation aims to advance the public and private sector’s expertise in the design, implementation and assessment of innovative social interventions for complex challenges faced by family caregivers and those they care for. Our network of diverse individuals, organizations and institutions is committed to identifying sustainable solutions and practices that make life better for family caregivers. We conduct our work in partnership with caregivers, businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers and other innovators to align public and private interests through shared exploration and work on issues that most impact unpaid caregivers.

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More than 23 million family caregivers work in addition to providing unpaid care to a family member or friend with a chronic, serious, or disabling health condition. In the absence of a comprehensive, national, paid leave policy, Americans rely on employers to provide social safety nets to help them manage their working and caregiving responsibilities.

Health Systems

Caregivers need support to continue to provide care and to care for themselves. Recognizing the value – the contributions, the expertise, the economic and health impact – of what caregivers do, as partners in innovation, is a key part of creating a more equitable, person- and family-centered health care system.
National Alliance for Caregiving Innovation Photo
National Alliance for Caregiving Innovation Photo

Medical Product Development

Caregivers can often provide remarkable and pivotal insights into what drugs and devices are needed, what therapeutic benefits matter and how much, what degree of risk or potential harms are tolerable, how clinical research should be conducted, and how safety and efficacy should be measured. NAC aims to leverage caregivers’ expertise and observations about the conditions their care recipients experience and associated health outcomes to inform all stages of medical product development.