Aisling Harmon

Aisling returned to Ireland in 2006 to care for her father with Alzheimer’s disease, and now her mother with advanced Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Recently retired from 17 years osteopathic practice, she advocated for osteopathic accreditation and regulation with UK, Irish ­­­­­and European osteopathic associations lobbying nationally and at European level. She has key transferable academic and clinical skills from her practice and teaching roles. With a keen interest in PPI and the translation of research to policy, she is regularly called on to represent the lived experience of dementia caring, and has extensive PPI experience as Expert Panelist/Speaker/Advocate/Research Participant/Project Advisory Group representative/HRB Funding Co-Applicant across a broad audience ranging from Academia to Not for Profit sectors, contributing to policy dialogue with public and state bodies. She is a Dementia Carer Campaign Network (ASI) Advocate and supports an online Family Carer Support Group with Care Alliance Ireland. She participated in the Irish Patient Education Program (IPPOSI) in 2019 and hopes to resume her postgraduate study curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

BSc (HONS) Osteopathy  BA (HONS) European Business Studies