Anil Patil

Anil has 25 years’ experience in the international development sector as a veterinarian, development practitioner, grant maker and trustee. Experiences in his professional and personal life led him to establish Carers Worldwide in 2012 and continue to fuel his passion to transform the lives of unpaid family carers across the globe.

He is now Executive Director of Carers Worldwide which works across India, Nepal and Bangladesh to bring about systemic change for family carers. More details can be found at

He is the Chair of the Membership, Recruitment and Engagement Committee of IACO, the International Alliance of Carer Organisations. He became an international Ashoka Fellow in 2015.

His specific interests include building an evidence base for support for family carers in South Asia, looking at the economic impacts of caring, and increasing the visibility of carers globally in order to influence policy and best practice.

Executive Director Carers Worldwide