Rachel Ledany

Rachel a passionate social entrepreneur transformed her own private life-changing experience as a caregiver for her husband into a nonprofit organization putting Israeli caregivers at the top of the agenda.

‘Caregivers Israel’ (CGI), established in 2014, is committed to raising public awareness of the caregiving phenomenon and its personal, social, and national impacts.

Rachel’s work with CGI has developed impactful cross-sectorial relationships that yielded the establishment of policies for caregivers in the workplace, promoted research and academic involvement, and established online support and counseling center that is supporting thousands of family caregivers.

Moreover, engaged and powerful caregivers’ community was established and developed in Israel. During the Corona crisis, the dedication of CGI and the community together have led to unprecedented support provided for thousands of caregivers in Israel through the adoption of digital tools.

Rachel has qualifications in Psychology and Organizational counseling and she is chairing the ‘Strategic Projects and Communication Committee’ of IACO. Caregivers Israel is a full member of IACO.

Founder, CEO of Caregivers Israel