Zhenxi Zhong


Zhenxi Zhong is the Executive Director of Shanghai Roots & Shoots (Shanghai R&S), a China government registered non-profit organization that she joined as high school intern and first staffmember.ShanghaiR&Sstaffof17workswithcloseto400schools(kindergartento university) and thousands of volunteers in and around Shanghai. In addition to environmental education and organic gardening programs at the schools, its longstanding programs include the “Million Tree Project,” which is now nearing planting of millions of treesindesertifiedareasof InnerMongoliaandNingxia,healthandnutritioneducationand servicesforthousandsof migrantworkerchildren,apioneeringprogramtoprovidesocial services to cancer patients and their families. Shanghai R&S programs have been recognizedglobally;forexample,theMillion TreeProjectwaspartoftheclimatechange videothatopenedthe2016RioOlympicsandUS FirstLadyMichelleObamarecognizedthe Shanghai R&S Organic Garden program. Shanghai

R&S programs have been sustained by China-based non-governmental sources including Alibaba, Tencent Foundation, Disney Shanghai, Unilever, Standard Chartered Bank, Asahi Kasei, AmorePacific, Ferrari Maserati, amongst many other donors.

Leadership Honors

Zhenxi Zhong received the 2016 Future Leaders Award from the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce, was selected to participate in the Environmental Education Program for Future LeadersSouthEastAsiahostedbytheJapanFoundation,wasselected for Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar organized by the East-West Center (in Hawaii), and was selected as a young leader by the US government International Visitors Program to visit leading NGOs in the US.

She was one of the two recipients of Fung Fellowship upon admission into the Master of Global PublicPolicyProgramjointlyconferredbytheUniversityofSouthernCaliforniaand the University of Hong Kong.


Zhenxi Zhong was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Fudan University (2004) and aMaster’sdegreeinGlobalPublicPolicyfromtheUniversityofHongKong/University of SouthernCalifornia(2018).Inaddition,shehasreceivedscholarshipsfortraininginthe International Education for Sustainability Program from the Swedish International Development Agency, was selected for the Patient Advocacy Scholar Program by Global Institute for Health Policy and Public Health at Harvard University, and was selected for training by the Honorable Al Gore and is a certified presenter for The Climate Project.

Zhenxi is a native of Shanghai and speaks fluent Mandarin and English.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots