Janet McUlsky

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Janet is a nationally recognized expert and innovator in the field of stakeholder alliance development and programming.  Her background encompasses work on Capitol Hill, campaign and issue management, strategic communications, and long-term experience working side by side with healthcare and patient advocates across the U.S.

Janet was with Pfizer from 2001 to 2020 – serving her entire tenure in the National Alliance Development arena – working to establish a new manner of long-term trusting partnerships for the pharmaceutical industry with nonprofit patient advocacy organizations.  As the Senior Director, Janet developed many of the best in class programs, including the Pfizer Health Advocate Leaders Breakfast Series, providing expert education and Speakers for the non-profit healthcare advocacy community.  Speakers included Members of Congress, Senior Administration Officials, Media, and senior Representatives from Academia and Pfizer.  With Janet’s leadership, Pfizer built out small and large educational and capacity building programs to enable the organizations to build a louder, impactful, credible voice on behalf of the chronically ill patients they serve.

She was responsible for building and managing relationships representing patients, consumers, seniors, women, nurses, veterans, and many others to support Pfizer Government Relations, Reputational, and Business goals. While with Pfizer Janet built an advocacy army of nearly 800 individuals, representing 300 organizations. She developed the ability to implement, glass breaking emergency response teams, whether the emergency is in the Congress, state Capitals, the FDA, or CDC.

Janet also served in a leadership capacity bringing together Pfizer colleagues to develop the industry’s first pipeline to patient centricity policies, principles, and programs within Pfizer.  She also founded the Pfizer Small Business Advisory Council to build a greater understanding and appreciation between the pharmaceutical industry and the small business community.

Janet began her career on Capitol Hill, working as a Legislative Director/Press Secretary and then as a lobbyist, before moving to the consulting field.  She worked for Bonner and Associates as Vice President of Operations, developing and supervising the implementation of successful grassroots lobbying strategies for numerous Fortune 100 corporations and other organizations, at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

Janet was recruited by her client the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) to serve as their Vice President of Association Relations. During her five (5) year tenure, she was tasked with building and managing a successful advocacy program for the pharmaceutical industry, based on proactively establishing relationships among allies.

In 1998, Janet joined a start-up biotechnology company as their President/Chief Operating Officer, Merlin Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, Ltd. She was responsible for planning and executing the development of marketing structure for this start-up as well as identifying and recruiting distributors, designing marketing materials and determining international pricing structures. She also assisted the Board of Directors in developing and executing the corporate structure, including aspects from international regulatory approval to employee benefits.

Janet is a graduate of Colgate University (BA, 1978) and George Washington University (MBA, 1988).  Janet has served on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profit organizations and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the National Alliance for Caregiving and on the Board of Directors for Generations United.

Former Senior Director, National Alliance Development, Pfizer (Retired)