George Kueppers, PHD

Dr. George Kueppers is a Senior Research Manager at the National Alliance for Caregiving. Dr. Kueppers is a trained health communication scientist, whose research has spanned social scientific investigation of healthcare-related phenomena from mental health help-seeking behavior to preventative and palliative cancer care to healthcare policy advocacy and beyond. Broadly, Dr. Kueppers is passionate about conducting ethical and effective public health research to improve health and well-being outcomes for people navigating complex health issues within an even more complex healthcare system, particularly where disparities exist for people from different racial, linguistic, and physical ability and neurodiverse backgrounds, as well as people who identify as gender and sexual minorities.

A native Minnesotan, Dr. Kueppers received Bachelors degrees in Political Science (Healthcare Policy) and International Relations from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he focused on studying domestic and world health organizations and public health promotion. He then went on to pursue a Masters and then a PhD in Health Communication at George Mason University, where he also taught communication courses and served as a graduate research assistant for a grant-funded public health research project through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). After finishing his PhD, Dr. Kueppers spent time working in a consulting role for a tech start-up where he helped lead prospective partnerships with healthcare-based nonprofit organizations. He then completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he was assigned to various research projects within the Health Communication and Informatics as well as the Health Behaviors Research Branches.

Dr. Kueppers is extremely passionate about improving quality of life for people dealing with serious health issues and navigating end-of-life care, as well as their caregivers, and is very excited to be helping the National Alliance for Caregiving lead research initiatives and collectives to achieve this critical mission. In his free time, George is usually at home with his partner Amanda cuddling with his two dogs, Koda and Nellie, and his cat, Felix, binging critically acclaimed TV shows, learning new music on guitar and piano, or playing or refereeing amateur ice hockey.

Senior Research Manager