Global Engagement

International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO)

Caregiving is truly an international phenomenon. No nation is without family caregivers, and the ways in which nations support the needs of caregivers are many. NAC is proud to serve as Secretariat for the International Alliance of Carer Organizations. Currently, 16 member nations are represented in the coalition.

Purpose of IACO

The organization is building a strong network of carer organizations across nations to share ideas, programs, and research that can bring visibility and support to family caregivers around the globe. The mission of the organization is three-fold:

  1. to increase the visibility of family caregiving across the lifespan as an international issue;
  2. to promote the sharing of best practices in caregiving programs between countries; and
  3. to encourage and provide assistance to countries interested in developing family carer organizations.

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Embracing Carers & Global State of Care Report

NAC is proud to be a member of Embracing Carers, a global movement that recognizes the pivotal role of caregivers in the healthcare ecosystem. Embracing Carers has four key aims:

  1. Collaborate with organizations to support caregiver initiatives
  2. Drive greater visibility and awareness of caregiver challenges
  3. Support increased policy attention and action
  4. Create innovative opportunities for healthcare system integration.

One key project from Embracing Carers is the Global State of Care Report (2018), which summarizes key policy initiatives for family caregivers around the world.

To learn more about Embracing Carers, visit

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