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About the Cancer Caregiving Collaborative

The Cancer Caregiving Collaborative, powered by the National Alliance for Caregiving, is a multiphase cross sector initiative to address the unmet needs of cancer caregivers through research, policy change, and practice change. Notably, there are many important and longstanding cancer related efforts, however, family caregivers are not the primary focus. The Collaborative will serve as a consistent forum that convenes and mobilizes cancer and caregiving ecosystem stakeholders.

Aligned with NAC’s mission of improving the lives of family caregivers, the Collaborative focuses on uplifting and supporting family caregivers in cancer care. The Collaborative will work to ensure family caregivers are valued members of the cancer care team and champion policies to ease the financial burden of cancer. By addressing both the health team integration and financial aspects of caregiving, this initiative strives to create a more comprehensive and equitable cancer care system that recognizes and supports the invaluable contributions of family caregivers.

Healthcare Integration

Advocate for equitable integration of family caregivers into cancer care teams by optimizing reimbursement pathways. This will increase access to high-quality training, educational resources, and support services.

Financial Health

Address the financial burden of cancer caregiving by advocating for smart and equitable economic policies.

Collaborative’s Leadership

The Collaborative’s Executive Committee and Steering Committee represent key stakeholders across the cancer continuum including patient advocacy organizations, cancer researchers, and healthcare leaders with personal and professional connections to cancer caregiving.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for overall Collaborative governance and overseeing the efforts of the working groups.

Steering Committee

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Cancer Caregiving Stories

NAC routinely collects the stories of caregivers across as part of its Portraits of Caregiving in the U.S. project. Click on each photo to learn more about personal stories of family caregivers, including the joys and challenges of caring for someone with cancer.

Cancer Caregiving Resources

2016 Cancer Caregiving Report

2023 Design Workshop Proceedings


Thank you to the funders whose support allows us the opportunity to improve the lives of cancer family caregivers.
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