G.J. Hodson, MA

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G.J. Hodson  (he/they/she), MA, is an intergenerational consultant highlighting the intersections of care and identity. Possibly the youngest dementia care scholar with both personal and research experience, G.J. was a 24/7, solo dementia caregiver for his adoptive grandfather before studying Sociology and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies and graduating into a pandemic. They work with a nationwide network of care experts and service providers to deliver innovative educational programs that bridge academia, care professions, and underserved communities.

G.J.’s research is published in Advances in Gender Research and the Journal of Autoethnography; she has appeared as a featured guest by the Pima Council on Aging, The Social Breakdown podcast, the Alzheimer’s Association, corporate ERGs, and higher education classes from pathology to philosophy. In 2022, G.J. was honored as a Caregiving Fellow by Caring Across Generations.
Learn more about G.J.’s work at https://linktr.ee/theoriesofcare.

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