Engaging on the RAISE National Family Caregiving Strategy

How to comment on the National Strategy and NAC policy priorities.

The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) has been working to encourage a widespread response from stakeholders to provide public comment regarding the release of the first ever National Family Caregiving Strategy and has pulled together some template language sharing instructions on how to comment and priorities NAC will address as the strategy evolves over the next couple years. This 60-day open comment period will close on November 30, 2022.

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NAC recognizes that a strategy alone won’t improve the lives of family caregivers. Now is the time to marshal the political will and resources needed to bring the RAISE National Strategy to life. The Strategy will be updated biennially, informed in part by public feedback. It is critical that all key stakeholders with a focus on issues such as aging, disability, public health, patient advocacy, financial/economic security, equity, healthcare reform, mental health, community-based supports, social services, long-term care, chronic/serious illness, and beyond have a voice in this process.

Please feel free to look at the language we have provided and determine if any of these priorities align with priorities you would like to see addressed in an updated and republished National Strategy. If not, please use this open comment period process to outline priorities you would like to see addressed.

Open comment period ends November 30, 2022.