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Caring for the Caregiver (featuring Queen Latifah’s mom, Rita)

Many caregivers often neglect their own health so that they can care for a loved one. Our research has shown that caregivers often report that caregiving has worsened their health – nearly half reported that their health has gotten worse as a result of caregiving. Of those who say their health has declined, 53% report that declining health has made it harder to support their loved ones.
It goes without saying – you must care for yourself in order to care for others. Here are some resources to help.

Get Insured 
If you do not currently have health insurance, the Affordable Care Act has fostered a “health insurance exchange” which is a marketplace to help you get covered. You can sign up for coverage here. If you’re trying to determine what plan makes the most sense given your individual health needs, check out the National Health Council’s calculator, Putting Patients First.

Caregiver Health Self-Assessment Questionnaire
This Self-Assessment Questionnaire will help you analyzing your own behavior and health risks and, with your physician’s help, you can make decisions that will benefit you and your care recipient. You can take this Caregiver Health Self-assessment Questionnaire to your physician and it will enable your physician to identify and provide preventive care and services.

Care for the Family Caregiver: A Place to Start
The Care for the Family Caregiver program includes a booklet that provides caregiving stories, basics of family caregiving, tips and training for those who have just started the caregiving journey. Learn more at the links below.

Other Key Resources for Caregiver Health:

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