Carlos A. Castro

He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from (ITESM) Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Upon the death of his grandson Alejandro, along with his daughter Adriana, the husband of her, and his wife, founded Asociacion ALE, I.A.P., a non-profit organization that promotes organ donor culture (public awareness), provides financial assistance for Mexican population, that doesn’t have medical aid, for access to transplant medicine. The institution is actively participating influencing public policies, in kidney and cardiovascular diseases, and to have in Mexico, universal health care and that this be provided in quality and opportunity.

He has participated in numerous Congress and Forum, nationally and internationally, speaking as the Voice of the Patient as an important stakeholder in decisions on Public Health.

He is co-author of a book “Politica Nacional de Fomento a la Salud Renal” a proposal of public policy for Kidney Disease for Mexico.

At the present, he is:

  • President of Asociacion ALE, IAP
  • Past-President of the Board of Trustees of iHHub The Global Voice Alliance of Heart Patients Organizations.
  • Member of the Board and President Elect of IFKF International Federation of Kidney Foundations.
  • President of FEMETRE Mexican Federation of Kidney Patients.
  • President of PACO (Pacientes del Corazon) Patients of the Heart

President of Asociacion ALE, IAP