Woman helping elderly motherPlanting The Seed

Ever wanted to start your own family caregiver coalition? Ever wanted to improve the one you have? Planting the Seed: Establishing and Growing Your Family Caregiving Coalition is now available to help answer your questions.

Produced by NAC, the purpose of this guide is to offer guidance both to individuals and organizations who want to establish a caregiving coalition in their community and to existing coalitions looking for tools to help them maintain, grow and strengthen their coalition.  To learn more about family caregiving coalitions and connecting with those in your area, email us at

Advocacy Materials

Download the Caregiver Coalition Advocacy Guide (PDF), which discusses the role of caregiver coalitions in advocacy, define ways to plan an effective advocacy campaign, and provide practical ways for coalitions to communicate and advocate on behalf of caregivers.

You can also browse our resources below, which include suggested scripts for contacting your representative, resources and materials for planning and engaging the media in a Caregiver Awareness Day and webcasts focused on building and growing your caregiving coalition.  Many of these resources were developed for the coalitions participating in the Building Sustainable Caregiving Coalitions project in 2007.

Call your Members of Congress today. Their district office numbers can be found at and

State the Coalition’s Position!

Identify yourself as a leader of a caregiving coalition and how many family caregivers you are representing. Be sure to let your Representatives know where we stand on supporting family caregivers.

Facts on Family Caregivers:

    • Family caregivers are known as the backbone of long-term care, representing 44.4 million in population.
    • The economic value of caregiving to our society is $375 billion annually.
    • 17% of family caregivers are providing care 40+ hours a week.
    • Estimated annual expenses for a family caregiver is over $5,000.

Sample Script for Healthcare Reform:

“Hello. I’m calling to ask the senator to help make sure long-term services and supports are part of health care reform. Including long-term services and supports in health care reform will achieve greater efficiency, promote personal responsibility and sustain our safety net programs like Medicaid. We must help individuals and families and we must help state governments, all of whom are struggling with increasing needs and costs. I thank the senator in advance for demonstrating leadership on this issue. We must make it affordable to care. Thank you.”

Report Back

To strengthen the Alliance efforts, let us know how your Representatives responded. Email or call 301-718-8444.

Each of the caregiving coalitions participating in the project conducted Caregiver Awareness Day activities in their communities. Materials developed by the project for awareness day activities are provided below and may be used by all coalitions planning awareness day activities.

Press Release Templates

Four webcasts were developed for the coalitions participating in the Building Sustainable Caregiving Coalitions project. Following each webcast, the PowerPoint presentations and materials developed for the webcast will be available on our website. The website schedule and topics for each webcast are shown below.

Which Topic for Advocacy - June 27, 2007

Making Your Caregiver Awareness Day a Success – July 26, 2007

Communication Strategies - August 20, 2007

Motivation and Momentum – September 21, 2007

With support from the Retirement Research Foundation and the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation, the Alliance is pleased to be administering the Building Sustainable Caregiving Coalitions and a National Network Through Outreach and Technical Assistance project. The project allows the Alliance to work with 20 caregiving coalitions via four webcasts on advocacy, coalition building, and hosting successful Caregiver Awareness Day Activities.

Caregiving coalitions participating in the Building Sustainable Caregiving Coalitions project:

  1. Baltimore City Commission on Aging Caregiver Coalition, Maryland
  2. California Coalition for Caregivers
  3. Caregiver Education Leadership Council, North Carolina
  4. Caregivers Coalition of Morris County, New Jersey
  5. Caring Partners, Delaware
  6. Central Arizona Kinship Care Coalition
  7. Coastal Georgia Caregivers Network
  8. Dane County Caregiver Alliance, Wisconsin
  9. Family Caregiver Coalition of New England
  10. Hawaii Caregiver Coalition
  11. Kansas City Partnership for Caregivers, Kansas
  12. Larimer County Caregiving Coalition, Colorado
  13. Metropolitan Caregiver Network Coalition, Minnesota
  14. Nebraska’s Caregiving Coalition
  15. New York City Family Caregiver Coalition
  16. ServiceLink Resource Center of Merrimack County, New Hampshire
  17. Tri-County Caregiving Coalition, Oregon
  18. Virginia’s Caregivers Coalition
  19. Utah Coalition for Caregiver Support
  20. WHYY Caring Community Coalition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This guide was developed in 2003 through a collaborative effort under the direction of Helen Eltzeroth, Project Manager. To view the original document click here

The Hawaii Family Caregiver Coalition developed “Aging & Disability Issues 2013: a guide for Hawaii’s Legislators, Organizations & Citizens”. It’s a is a report that offer an overview of legislative issues dealing with aging, disability, caregiving, and long term care. Its purpose is to call attention to the priority issues which deserve
the serious attention of our lawmakers, advocates, and the public. Click
here to read the booklet.

The Caregiver Coalition of Bergen County created a brochure to promote the coalition. Click here to see the brochure.

Some useful resources to adapt from the United Way Caregivers Coalition New Jersey
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Pathways Sponsor Info Sheet
Event Sponsorship Form