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The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) Innovation Collaborative is a network of national leaders, experts, and influencers working together to identify, strategize and address complex issues of caregiving across the lifespan. Together, we pursue pathways to solutions that make life better for family caregivers. 

NAC supports this network by sharing our national research, advocacy, and practice resources, providing content on social media and through an email listserv, and by sharing emerging ideas and practices.


Our mission is to establish and nurture a network of diverse individuals and public and private organizations spanning sectors and industries to leverage their unique market positions, expertise and networks to improve the life of family caregivers across the lifespan.


Our vision is to anticipate the future needs of family caregivers and work collectively towards the infrastructure required to support quality of life for all caregivers.


The focus of our work is aligned with NAC Innovation’s three primary workstreams: Medical Product Development; Health Systems; and Workplaces. The collaborative may explore issues outside of these workstreams to evaluate opportunities for future or related work, or to support NAC’s Advocacy or Research networks with regulatory or other activities.


The Innovation Collaborative will support NAC’s Innovation program by:

  • Forming a network of innovators committed to improving the lives of family caregivers across the lifespan. The collaborative will meet as needed to share information and ideas, discuss synergies, and support current NAC work with information, guidance, and connections to others.
  • Guiding the development of NAC regulatory strategy. The collaborative will contribute to the establishment of a NAC regulatory strategy including contributing to priorities, providing input on regulatory issues and opportunities, and by contributing to and reviewing regulatory comments.
  • Leveraging opportunities to promote caregiver inclusion in their own work. Collaborative members will identify and pursue opportunities to share and leverage NAC resources and research to improve how caregivers are included in the sectors, industries, and work closest to them.

Interest Groups

NAC’s Innovation Collaborative is composed of the following interest groups:

  • Medical Product Development: The Medical Product Interest Group is concerned with clinical, economic, and social integration of caregivers into the medical product development process. Viewing caregivers as partners in innovation, this group considers the roles of family caregivers in research including clinical trials; the development and application of caregiver specific Clinical Outcomes Assessments; the role of caregivers in Patient-Reported Outcomes; and caregiver contributions to value assessment frameworks.
  • Clinical Pathways: The Clinical Pathways Interest Group is concerned with elevating family-centered design across health care settings. Viewing caregivers as partners in care, this group considers how care is delivered and paid for including the integration of caregivers into care teams; caregiver access to support; provider training and competencies; and reimbursement and other incentives.
  • Workplaces: The Workplaces Interest Group is concerned with the success of 1 in 5 employees who is also a caregiver. Acknowledging the financial and social significance of work to caregivers, as well as the desire of employees to retain talent, this group considers how the changing landscapes of work and caregiving intersect including workplace caregiver support, and the economic and social impact of caregivers on the economy.

Benefits of Participation

In maintaining this collaborative, NAC will facilitate and provide:

  • Virtual meetings as needed with colleagues that share an interest in social innovation and caregiving
  • Unique conversations on emerging issues, solutions and innovation ideas and practice
  • Opportunities to support regulatory activities and impact projects by contributing input, guidance, information or research, and connections to others

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The National Alliance for Caregiving is paving the way for innovations in caregiving. Be a part of our exciting developments and help change the future of caregiving. Get Involved!

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The National Alliance for Caregiving is paving the way for innovations in caregiving.
Be a part of our exciting developments and help change the future of caregiving.