Dora Maradiaga

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Dora is the Advocacy Manager at the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), where she leverages her extensive experience to support and empower America’s 53 million family caregivers. In this role, she develops and implements advocacy strategies to address the challenges faced by caregivers, builds engaged coalitions, and collaborates with over 80 state and local caregiving organizations. Through her efforts, she aims to increase public awareness of caregiving issues and drive systemic change, ensuring that caregivers receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Prior to joining NAC, Dora served as the Global Advocacy and Campaigns Manager for Women in Global Health. In this role, she elevated the organization’s profile through dynamic participation in international forums and partnerships with UN agencies, governments, and civil society. She led digital advocacy campaigns for the Generation Equality Forum, unifying efforts across global chapters and partners to improve working conditions for healthcare workers worldwide. Her contributions to studies on unpaid healthcare workers and the lack of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers were instrumental in promoting fair wages, safe work environments, and advocating for female leadership in healthcare.

Dora’s career began at the Mexican Health Foundation, where she explored the complexities of health insurance, healthcare expenditure, and social determinants of health. This foundational experience, combined with advanced studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, deepened her expertise in health policy and economics. Dora’s experience with Vital Strategies and the NCD Alliance, was a pivotal moment in her career as she refined her research skills to influence high-level policymakers at the United Nations to advocate for more sustainable healthcare investments and a whole-of-government approach. At the Guttmacher Institute, she further refined her knowledge of U.S. health policies, focusing on their impact on sexual and reproductive health in the global south.

Dora received her advanced degree in Health Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is dedicated to developing health policies that promote equity, enhance well-being, and foster economic prosperity worldwide.

Advocacy Manager