Jamar Rogers

As a visionary leader with excellent management skills and a knack for directing company operations in a growth-minded direction, Jamar Rogers has been helping companies’ budget and reach their true potential for over 15 years. As the Current Director of Operations at the National Alliance for Caregiving, he leverages his excellent leadership and teamwork skills to ensure that objectives are completed on time. He is known to assist workers in all aspects of company operations from coordinators to senior level management.

Jamar will be directly responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day process at the company runs efficiently and without error. Additionally providing budget and financial advice to the CEO and COO for the annual budget, and other administrative oversights. He brings extensive experience in consulting, bookkeeping, and budgeting for various non-profit organizations.
Prior to his position at NAC, Jamar was the Director of Finance and Operations for the Utilities Technology Council for 4 years providing expertise in database management and membership retention.

With a degree in Finance from University of Maryland Global Campus and Associates in Applied Science Concentration in Accounting, Jamar is no stranger to an interdisciplinary approach to business management. His ability to quickly access situations and learn on the spot has enabled him to make decisions for companies, contributing to net growth and fostering a welcoming environment for employees. His creative vision has greatly benefited the corporations in which he has worked, and he hopes to continue expediting company development in the future.


Director of Operations